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Is Patricia Pixie the discreet influencer we should watch out for?

It is always thought that internet stars are personalities who live it up by uploading posts to their profiles every moment of their day. Although in some cases this is true, it is always refreshing to find a person willing to conquer the world in the most discreet way possible.

This is the case of Patricia Pixie (also known as @patypixie in the turbulent world of social media), a young Mexican author and content creator. If there was a ranking of the most discreet and careful people not to share their information with strangers online, she would surely be on the list. Not even her age is known exactly, apart from some comments on her part, which place this Mexican lady in the age range of the millennial generation. So much discretion on her part is in part, due to her desire, in her own words, “because I want people to pay attention more to the content than to the person behind it” In addition, she prefers to maintain discretion for having suffered online harassment a few years ago.

But despite her desire to keep her real life away from the internet, she is frequently involved in controversy from time to time, thanks to her admirers and detractors alike. Having over 100,000 followers on TikTok and over 70,000 on Twitter, it is more than obvious that people cannot be indifferent to her.

Her short stories and poems are impregnated, just like her personality, of a good dose of contrasts; of chiaroscuro that make the creations of this Mexican woman as interesting as her person. If you haven’t heard of Patricia Pixie by now, don’t worry. Very soon you will. She has everything it takes to take over the world by surprise, and is working very hard ebveryday to do it.

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