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Aleksey Igudesman Brings the Music of Dubai Alive in His Vlog

Video blog by the famous violinist and comedian Aleksey Igudesman offers a great insight to Dubai and its musical heritage like nowhere before.

DUBAI, (May 24 , 2021): Dubai has been the place for enchantment and enjoyment for many, in fact for half a million tourists visiting the city every year. Exploring Dubai has the sense of adventure and satisfaction of mind that can hardly be overshadowed by journeys to any other places. There are endless videos now on the streaming channels about the place and yes, some of them are indeed interesting. Amuse News 4 is the streaming program by Aleksey Igudesman offering the vlogs on different music related topics and in the process of doing so, they come up with interesting bits of adventures.

But the Try Dubai Vlog by the YouTube channel Amuse News is truly unique. In one hand it is hilariously funny, on the other hand, it offers the hands on experiences of the Dubai journey. In the 28 minutes video, the host Aleksey Igudesman and Lucy Landymore journey to the heart of the city and share their experiences. The video offers the viewer a simply kick start with the sequences of Camel ride that beats of the movies. This is followed by their meeting with the musicians at the market, exchange of words and ideas with them. Amidst this, Lucy’s camera explores the nook and corner of the city. With Aleksey Igudesman in Dubai music happens to be find the central storyline of the vlog.

But that is not everything. There is a lot more for the viewers. Through the camera, they get a grand exploration of the Dubai Mall and the magnificent Burj Khalifa. Also the sound and music that goes on around the building is shown with all its colors and sounds right here. In the Dubai Mall, they show the kinds of music products that they keep and sell.

The hosts go to the top of the building and show around. For those who wants to explore Dubai, this is the chance. The current pandemic has taken the liberty of the people to actually get to the places and experience themselves. So here is Amuse News with all the tidbits and experiences of their Dubai travel. The whole journey gets transcended into a musical journey that is neither too heavy on the brain, nor too distractive. Be it conversations with the Musicians in Dubai or having a proper idea about the Classical Music Dubai, substantial discussions are presented to the viewers. For the music lovers this would be the journey of a lifetime through the eyes of Aleksey Igudesman and Lucy Landymore. Those who are travel lovers will find the vlog to be very adventurous. This is a vlog one can hardly miss at any cost. It ends with the violin tunes of Aleksey Igudesman and the native musician and then changes into the Moroccan tunes. What can be a better musical journey than this one?

About Aleksey Igudesman:

He is a Russian German violinist, comedian, actor and conductor. He comes up with interesting music related contents in his streaming channel in YouTube. His videos offer the fun and enjoyment along with music.

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