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NAGYEDi the first Hungarian musician to sell NFT


The Londonbased singer and songwriter took her art to the next level, and unveiled the fresh single “Out of This World”as NFT (nonfungible token) for the early birds. The digital track will be available on all streaming platforms from the 16thof May, however fans and art collectors can already get the song as part of a limited edition digital pack.

Out of This World and what’s behind

The lyrics are a metaphor for the complexity and the beauty of being a mother. NAGYEDi wrote the song when her baby boy was a newborn. It was an extraordinary yet challenging situation with a lot of tears. The selftaught Hungarian musician’s plan was to release the song on Mother’s Day. Production was delayed due to an unforeseen illness and the loss of her voice. During this time,an idea surfaced to enter the NFT market and publish the song on the 9thof May, at the same time when many countries celebratemotherhood.

The independent artist was always known as a pioneer in her art, not following rules, not being defined by genres and algorithms, or holding to classic strong structures. She arranges her songs around vocal harmonies and makes cultivated music with several roots, and a strain of honesty. Songwriting, especially music production, is an experimental art project for NAGYEDi, so is the whole NFT and blockchain concept.

“I am always playing with new ideas and the NFT market provides a unique opportunity for artists to connect with their fans. Hopefully the blockchain technology will give an alternative way to shake up the industry.the artist says.

“Out of This World” is the second single in which NAGYEDi not only appears as a songwriter and lyricist, but also as producer. Mixing and mastering were done by Cubico Sound, and Pav Pav Edi’s husband responsible for the visual artwork.

What can we buy in the NFT collection?

The new song is only available as NFT for a week between the 916thof May. Eleven different unique artwork are on sale with the fresh single, each one for 0.011 ETH (Ethereum) worth about £30. Fans can also find behind the scenes photos one of them on auction that won’t be shared anywhere else.

Check out her NFT galleryand enjoy the new single, Out of This World.

Find out more about NAGYEDi by visiting her website.

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