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Insider Protocol Goes to Binance Launchpad with Hedge Funds Partnerships

New York City, NY / / April 22, 2021 / Recently, Insider Protocol has announced that they go to Binance Launchpad with Hedge funds partnerships. The Insider Protocol project is developing very rapidly with their unique ecosystem modules. Now, the team has unveiled more core technical details about the cross-chain itself.

The project’s entire ecosystem is rigged on the main index – the IPRO token. However, there are a lot of very important elements for the crypto community in addition to it. This is the speed of transaction confirmation and the commission paid by the user for this operation.

It isn’t a secret that at the time this article was published, the cost of gas to pay for ETH transactions is huge and amounts to about $90, and in some cases more than $100. With such huge fees for many users, the commission very often exceeds the size of the transfer itself… As a result, people must wait until the commission becomes less or completely abandon the transfer and look for alternative ways. This is terrible and totally unacceptable in the current matter of time.

The project has achieved amazing results for several years of hard work, solving these and other very important fundamental issues for the whole crypto market.

The Insider Protocol ecosystem is a huge cross-chain project in which users can transfer their funds between many different networks without any restrictions. For example, from the ETH network, users can easily transfer the funds to the Polkadot network and vice versa. And they won’t be limited to just these two networks. There will be supported next networks: Binance, Polkadot, Cosmos, Ethereum, etc.

The Insider Protocol integration modules allow developers of any projects on any networks to easily integrate amazing transaction speed of less than 1 second into their projects and apps. Along with instant transfers, the Insider Protocol team also achieved multiple reductions in the cost of commissions with less than $0.02. Moreover, the team continues to work in this direction and already understands how to further reduce the transaction cost by the time the main network is launched.

Any third-party developer can write the code itself for development in a convenient language, because the project has support for Rust, Move, C, and C ++. Leave the concept of sharding in the past. Networks can be scaled without sharding and layer 2 solutions.

Insider Protocol are now looking at Alphabit, Andreessen Horowitz, and Alameda Research for partnerships & collaboration as some of the first steps ahead of going to Binance Launchpad, where BNB coin holders will be able to receive IPRO coins.

And a little about the approach to data privacy, a new zero-knowledge-proof methodology will solve many of the existing data privacy issues quite simply as well as scalability issues. The point is that the team figured out how to change it and understood how to radically improve the entire methodology during transaction verification in the blockchain. Thanks to this, confidentiality will change significantly in the direction of privacy.

The main idea of that is to use new parameters, with the help of which any network participant can programmatically prove a particular transaction was carried out correctly and without errors. Moreover, all data of the transaction itself remains hidden. This is only possible using the zero-knowledge proof that provides excellent scalability and confidentiality. The application of this method is very wide and could turn the entire cryptocurrency market upside down. After all, while saving user data from prying eyes, endless prospects are simultaneously possible for creating any applications in the field of banking, retail, etc.

At the moment, the IPRO team is preparing to launch the mainnet which will tentatively happen in the next few months. More details about the specific dates can be found in the News section on the project’s website and on the Telegram channel.

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