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KKR-DEX:A subverter of the traditional stock exchange

With the global wave of digitization and the rise of DeFi (Decentralized Finance), more and more financial giants are paying attention to the opportunities emerging in the digital currency industry. KKR-DEX (KKR Global digital currency decentralized Exchange) announced that the exchange will be launched in October this year. In the future, KKR-DEX is expected to challenge the traditional stock exchange and become the subverter of traditional stock exchange and the entire securities industry!

The frequent theft of digital assets from head exchanges in recent years has caused great concern in the industry. In order to completely solve the problem of the security of digital assets in centralized exchanges, the concept of DeFi began to permeate the entire digital currency industry in 2019, among which the most important application of DeFi is DEX (Decentralized Exchange). DEX is a blockchain-based exchange that does not store users’ money and personal data on servers, serving only as an infrastructure for matchmaking. Unlike a centralized exchange, DEX does not control users’ money. Instead, money is usually stored decentralized by users or by the trading software itself. In this way, no one entity acts as the owner of all cryptocurrencies, and the risk of loss is much lower.

KKR-DEX adopts a decentralized transaction structure. Each transaction data and record can be queried and traced on the chain, and is not controlled by a third party, which ensures the authenticity of transactions and the security of assets to the greatest extent. Different from the complexity and incomprehensibility of ordinary contract transactions, the periodic contract transactions that were the main platform at the beginning of the platform provide a simple and convenient investment method. In order to solve the problem of initial trading depth, KKR-DEX and the world’s third largest foreign exchange market maker-XTX Markets reached a strategic cooperation, XTX Markets provides trading liquidity support for the platform. In order to ensure smooth transactions under extreme conditions, the bottom layer of KKR-DEX is written into the ROC(Replayed On Chain) mechanism, which adopts the off-chain and on-chain dual-ledger model, which supports instant high-concurrency transactions while ensuring the security of user assets.

After the launch of KKR-DEX’s online process, the first “four-coin linked mining” mechanism will be adopted to enhance the mining power of the community. At the same time, the “black hole destruction” mechanism that can be queried on the chain will be adopted to maximize the scarcity of currency, thereby greatly increasing the value of currency appreciation. The community formed a strong consensus by building the platform currency KKR-DEX. This growing consensus will attract a steady stream of new members to join, and finally complete the initial flow of the exchange.

After the exchange traffic stabilizes, KKR-DEX will take the lead in guiding the high-quality companies that it invests to issue corporate tokens, and all corporate tokens will be launched on KKR-DEX in batches. This is an opportunity to attract leading companies in various industries around the world to issue corporate tokens on the platform. Eventually it will become the global unicorn company token trading center. Compared with traditional stock exchanges, corporate token trading has the following advantages:

1. For enterprises, there is no need to separately apply for listing and financing on exchanges in different countries, saving a lot of time and capital costs;

2. Financing for global investors, with a wide audience and higher corporate financing efficiency;

3. The data of all production and sales links of the enterprise are uploaded to the chain in real time, which means the financial statements cannot be artificially tampered with. The supervision is stricter, and the information is more transparent.

4. Real-time transactions on the investor chain, with safe funds and low transaction costs.

It is reported that in the next three years, KKR-DEX plans to build KKR-DEX into the world’s largest corporate exchange, and the transaction volume will exceed the existing digital currency exchange. In the next five years, KKR-DEX is expected to gradually replace the financing function of offline traditional stock exchanges and become one of the world’s largest exchanges, with annual turnover entering the world’s top three traditional exchanges!

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