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Retracing the Decade of Bitcoin , MTC Reconstructs Blockchain for Large-Scale Traffic Commercial Landing

As we all know, traffic is the value-added asset of a business or a company, and is an important indicator of economic productivity. Traffic is also an essential element for the development of blockchain, and is the value center of blockchain business restructuring.

Not only is the incremental flow of blockchain traffic unsuccessful, but also the vast majority of the flow of capital can not be channeled into the world of blockchain.

Metcalfe Chain (MTC)

Metcalfe Chain is a new gentimestion of intelligent traffic application aggregation public chain, dedicated to cracking the core pain points of large-scale traffic application of blockchain.MTC proposes distributed intelligent traffic pool MTCENGINE, mergers and acquisitions of the governance structure MER and Metcalfe pass model, using distributed traffic management based on the MBFT consensus, compatible with the MBFT consensus. IPFS, cloud computing architecture, by activating the widest range of users’ idle traffic to form a million-scale content edge node, providing convenient chain reform and business transformation model reconstruction for large-scale traffic industries such as live video, large-scale games, high-flow e-commerce and scenario finance.

MTC’s mission is to crack the pain points of applying large-scale traffic on the blockchain, and to serve the new infrastructure, digital transformation and 5G business model. With its unique MetEngine intelligent flow engine and Mer M&A governance structure, MTC is able to provide a time-course, high-efficiency and stable blockchain service for the business community, and reconstruct the business model for large-scale flow.

Metcalfe Chain Core Strengths

Distributed Smart Flow Pools MTCENGINE

MTCENGINE is also a basic traffic platform that acts as an intelligent engine for traffic integration, allowing other service providers to build their own traffic applications on top of it.

MBFT Consensus

MBFT combines the technical features of DPoS and HotStuff, making MTC’s HotStuff consensus that is compatible with permissive blockchain networks also applicable to non-permissive public chain scenarios. At the same time, it provides a good compatibility foundation for M&A governance mechanism.

M&A Governance Structure·MER

Upgrades, changes and exits of the MTC Smart Flow Chain itself.

Special governance of traditional and external blockchain traffic infused with MTC smart traffic chains.

Based on broad community participation, our governance mechanisms should ensure inclusiveness, transparency and equity.

Economic Model of Metcalfe

The total amount of the token MCoins is 2100w, which is a tribute to the mining mechanism of Bitcoin, the later the mining, the lower the production and slower the speed, and the cycle is halved for ten months. Showlike+ aggregated live streaming platform will be the first application and the first batch of nodes in MTC’s smart traffic chain.

Future Plans of MTC

MTC will launch the M+ Traffic Blue Ocean Program with the aim of promoting and nurturing the use of intelligent traffic chains in high traffic scenarios, including live video streaming, large games, large wireless, auto-driving (5G), Internet of Things, CDN acceleration, etc. with support from MTC’s “Integrated Traffic Management” and “Compatible Centralized and Decentralized Traffic Paradigms” through forceful support of people, technology and credibility.

Starting from the “Dawn Times” of MTC 1.0, we have proposed a distributed intelligent traffic pooling framework, traffic infrastructure management and cross-chain parallel chain management as part of our distributed traffic transformation, building a solid infrastructure for large-scale traffic usage. In the “Journey Time of MTC 2.0, the first intelligent governance structure to address the shortcomings of version 1.0 was created in the form of a mergers and acquisitions-ready MER, which allowed traditional traffic flow integration systems to be channeled into MTC.

Over the next three years, in order to achieve the goal of mass traffic adoption, we will move fully into the MTC 3.0 “Highlight Times”. We will encourage the development of blockchain traffic applications to empower the traditional traffic economy.

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