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A global digital asset, indefinite contracts & option exchange called “NP LION” is open

In August 2020, NP LION, a global digital asset derivatives exchange, has opened. NP LION is attracting attention by building a user-friendly system. Anyone can easily and conveniently trade digital assets by using a simple and easy-to-understand UI/UX system.


Key services include: 2way and 3way Option-Trading for one- minute intervals that can be traded based on the average price of the four globally recognized futures exchanges, 200x leverages, functions to hold opposite positions, automatic asset transfers to the cold wallet every 30 minutes with strict security, application of strict international security standards by acquiring licenses from Malaysia and St. Vincent, high security through 24-hour monitoring, and operation of customer center channels.

NP LION prioritizes the safety of customer assets and aims to provide the best trading environment to users by servicing a systematic and highly usable system with the best security technology and expertise applied. An official from the exchange said, “As it is a new futures exchange, it is operated with a unique system that has been verified by technical experts, and will be operated with the incorporation of institutional rights by acquiring additional licenses.”

NP LION is expected to introduce various bitcoin financial products to broaden their value and vision in order to advance their digital asset trading platform. Meanwhile, NP LION is scheduled to hold various events on their website and social media channels at the time of their official opening.


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