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BloxXwop: Binance & Coinbase Have a New Competitor

Groundbreaking Cryptocurrency Exchange Launch later this year

BloxXwop, a new Cryptocurrency and Fiat exchange, is scheduled to launch June 4,2020. In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency and crypto exchanges, news of a new coin or exchange on the blockchain rarely stands out. BloxXwop is poised to accomplish those exact feats: to be rare and stand out.

Since its inception, the blockchain has seen its users frequently facing a learning curve when navigating and using its exchange platforms. While many remain efficient, a good number of platforms still aren’t user-friendly and can be difficult to understand. Moreover, the exchanges are not always aesthetically pleasing. This can lead to a deceleration of market penetration from new users or repeated users.

The BloxXwop platform was designed to give its users speed, ease and elegance.

 “Simplicity is the key to brilliance,” Antoine Bell, president of BloxXwop, quoting martial arts and film legend Bruce Lee.


BloxXwop promises to be a strong entry point to the cryptosphere for new users, and with decentralization steadily on the rise, it is a credible solution in the current climate.

It notably boasts flexible coin pairing and 24/7 online banking services, as well as a full suite of custodial, payment processing, and fund management solutions.

At the early stage of the launch, users will carry out their direct crypto payment using Bitcoin, Ethereum and BloxXwop Token (BLOXX).


BloxXwop’s ambition in market disruption led the exchange to an innovative solution that will drive the engagement with the platform and empowers the community to control the evolution of the ecosystem being created. Users can vote on which coin or token will be added next on the platform.

The BloxXwop team expects to make additions to the roster of supported coins at least once a month. The more users are active on the exchange, the more voting power they will receive to ensure their voices are heard.

BloxXwop will provide participants with a full education on token trading analysis, digital influence and marketing, liquidity channels, strategic supervision and board advisory, long-term token brand progress, updates, and financial reports when necessary. BloxXwop’s team of experts will even provide direction to investors on the platform through news feeds and market intelligence analysis for the crypto market.

The blockchain is the future, undoubtedly. One of the many reasons behind a fairly rapid adoption is the speed at which information can be shared.

BloxXwop wants to position itself as the Formula One for your crypto need for speed.

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