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Author Flavio Ballerini, Ph.D. Gives Insight for Men to Regain Their Vitality

“Awesome Again: Seven Simple Steps for a Man to Regain His Vitality” Launched as the #1 New Release on Amazon

New Orleans, LA – USA – January 6, 2020 – Author, Flavio Ballerini, PHD, published his book “Awesome Again: Seven Simple Steps For a Man to Regain His Vitality” as the #1 New Release on Amazon last month to rave reviews. This book is valuable because it evolved and was tested over a period of twenty-two years of clinical experience with hundreds of men who felt that they had lost their edge but now wanted to be Awesome Again. Ballerini says, “After my breakdown, I went to many therapists, but it was not until I remembered and started working with the Seven Steps that my life started changing for the better.”

The program has five parts:

1. A self-assessment to know where you are at on the Awesomeness Scale.

2. The philosophy, therapeutics, and science of awesomeness, so you know that you CAN change.

3. The Seven Steps to becoming Awesome Again.

4. The routines of Awesomeness, a powerful program to keep the positive changes going forward and to discover your purpose in life.

5. The guided meditations in your personal portal used to install the Seven Steps to Awesomeness into your subconscious mind. 

The Seven Steps are:

1. Talk it out.

2. Quit all toxic substances.

3. Sleep well.

4. Mind your health.

5. Release negativity.

6. Upgrade yourself.

7. Contemplate your life.

People tell me that there is magic in these steps,” Ballerini says. “You work on each step on your journey to becoming Awesome Again as you discover other values, strengths, and a peaceful power within you that will transform your life into what it is meant to be.”



Once I read Awesome Again, I discovered that there are no age limits, we can be youthful, fantastic, or even better than before.” Cristobal Herrera, Master Photographer

Awesome Again provides it’s the information you never knew you needed.” Heriberto A. Guerra, Entrepreneur

This inspirational guide for men who want to regain their vitality is a must-read. The Routines of Awesomeness will ensure you have a great life. Edgar Alvarez, Author, Novelist, Playwright

Ballerini didn’t stop with “Awesome Again” and recently published “Philosophy of Therapy: An Inquiry Into The Reasons And Beliefs For Therapists To Do What They Do As They Do It published by Absolute Author Publishing House. This book is also available in Spanish.




The Philosophy of Therapy is a critical inquiry into the reasons and beliefs for therapists of all modalities to do what they do, as they do it. This work was conceived as an invitation for therapists and philosophers to dialogue about the nature of therapy, and the justifications used not only in the practice of therapy, but also in the formation of new therapists. Ballerini says, “We surmise that as the world becomes more complex, both the population and the proportion of the population seeking a better quality of life increases. This exponential increase in the number of people seeking deeper meaning for their lives makes it necessary for more therapists than ever to be available to serve the public.

I believe that only the application of the philosophical method of inquiry will generate the novel forms of therapies required in the new millennium, and the massive number of therapists likely to be needed”. 

The Philosophy of Therapy” is now in its third edition, with a revised text and a new section on therapy added. In your personal portal at we ask that you make your philosophical contributions to the philosophy of therapy.”

If you want to meet Ballerini he has a free presentation scheduled on Sunday, January 19, at 2:00 p.m. at 7945 NW 2 Street, Miami, FL 33126.l He will be available for questions about the book and books will be available for sale. For more information and details on the presentation call 305-267-8277.


Flavio Ballerini, PHD, was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1966. His family moved to Edina, Minnesota, when he was sixteen. He worked as a design engineer, then as a scientist and as a professor of engineering. Most of his research was in the area of cardiovascular mechanics, which led him to hypnotherapy because of the mind/body connection. Later, he attended medical school. He has four daughters, from twenty-five to two and lives in Pembroke Pines, just north of Miami, Florida.

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Company Name: Absolute Author Publishing House
Contact Person: Dr. Melissa Caudle
Phone No: 305.505.3279
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