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WIMI, China’s Holographic AR Solution Provider, Going to list On NASDAQ

WiMi Hologram Cloud, China’s holographic AR solution provider, is going for the IPO on NASDAQ, it submitted the prospectus , which will be the only listed company of the world in the field of 5G holographic AI visual black technology.


At present, the industry has been in a period of adjustment, the capital in the field of VR/AR hardware is indifferent, only brand manufacturers continue to develop and launch new products, more funds has been invested in the field of content and application technology. The current product of the WiMi Hologram Cloud mainly includes the research and development of distributive operation service, application and content.


From the value of the industrial chain, WiMi Hologram Cloud acts as the role of intermediate supplier, connecting SDK operating platform and application developers. Apple, Google, Baidu, Jingdong, Alibaba, Netease have their own AR SDK platform, while WiMi Hologram Cloud is acted as the intermediate platform, it is the basic kit to complement the SDK platform, which allows the user to complete the software application more conveniently.


From the perspective of business model, WiMi Hologram Cloud is a solution provider that integrates applications, content, and services on the basis of the real needs of downstream customers, and outputs a complete solution.


Therefore, it mainly makes profits by the holographic AR advertisement and the holographic AR entertainment product. The rising of quantity and price drives the steady growth of performance. The holographic AR advertisement software of the WiMi Hologram Cloud can let the customer insert the real or animated three-dimensional object in the video clip, and seamlessly integrate the object and the scene segment in the video, and the advertisement is mainly inserted in the film and television program. Compared with the traditional digital advertising, advertising based on the holographic AR technology is more interactive, and the cost-effectiveness and flexibility are more obvious. It can identify the repeated advertising space which is suitable for multiple brand advertisements and save the corresponding cost.


Graph: Examples of holographic AR Advertising in WiMi Hologram Cloud videos


Holographic AR entertainment products include payment middleware software, game distributive platform and holographic MR software. The payment of middleware software means that the software of the company can be fully integrated with various types of mobile applications. As of 2018, the payment middleware of WiMi Hologram Cloud has been embedded in more than 1100 mobile applications with more than 300 customers.


The game distributive platform is the 233 Game Platforms, the online game distributive platform launched by WiMi Hologram Cloud in 2018. By 2018, 150 applications have been released or docked on the platform with more than 200000 active members of the year. * Source: U.S. SEC – FORM F-1, WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc., Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

MR software is a comprehensive holographic application platform developed by WiMi Hologram Cloud alone. It includes multiple modules that allow end users to edit and display holographic AR content and create customized visual effects.


Holographic AR advertising business has been developing rapidly, no matter the number of customers, or the unit price of customers, there has been a significant improvement in the past two years. Chtone, a financial App, found that in 2017 and 2018, the number of customers in the advertising business was 97,121 respectively, and the average unit price was 1.4 million and 1.5 million respectively. In the first quarter of 2019, the number of customers and the unit price increased year-on-year.


Thanks to the driving of the strong advertising business, the performance of WiMi Hologram Cloud is also eye-catching. Revenue rose 17.19 percent in 2018 on year-on-year basis, gross profit and net profit grew by more than 20 percent, and driven by average unit prices, gross margins in 2018 were higher than that in 2017.


In fact, due to the influence of the overall environment, the development of the whole advertising industry in China has not been ideal since 2018, but the holographic AR advertising based on WiMi Hologram Cloud can maintain the rapid growth of the number of users while the unit price of customers is greatly increased, which also shows that holographic AR advertising is still in the early stage of industry development, and the growth trend is obvious.


* Source: U.S. SEC – FORM F-1, WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc., Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).


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