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The rising status of K-food: the Korean wave to the world… Aggressive Export of Funtable

 Recently, Chef Chris Cho was selected as an advertising model of Funtable for his bright and healthy image, which is in line with the value Funtable is pursuing. He is a Korean-American who runs a restaurant called ‘Seorabol’ in Philly. Funtable’s sauce, he said, is suitable for a variety of dishes, and therefore is recommended for beginner cooks. Chris Cho’s positive and lively energy blended with the sauce of Funtable caught the attention of those involved in the photoshoot. Funtable is planning on the carrying out of various marketing activities to promote reliable and healthy products that Funtable pursues.

Funtable, a brand that specializes in sauces, started its sales in 1962, and aims at producing reliable and healthy food. As you can see from the slogan “Fun on the table”, it pursues a life where people enjoy quality food by easy and convenient cooking.
Recently, the popularity of Korean cultural contents such as K-pop and K-food has increased, and therefore the demand for Korean food is growing as well. Funtable has officially launched five kinds of seasoned chicken sauce in the U.S. market.

With the recent prolonged Covid-19, the demand for products with both cost-effectiveness and convenience has been increasing. A Funtable official explains that Korean food itself began to draw attention after the coronavirus spread, if the main reason why Korean food was known before 2020 was the spicy taste trend which swept across the world.

Funtable introduces a total of five sauce products manufactured by identifying local trends, including adding wine to seasoned chicken sauce and tomato flavor to kimchi ketchup sauce, using localization strategies of successful Korean products overseas. In addition, containers with silicon packings are structured to let the sauce come out only when pressed, and can be used neatly without leaking, preventing contaminants such as bugs and dust when not in use, providing safety as well as convenience.

The sauces launched by Funtable are: Korean Chicken Sauce, Super Hot Sauce, Teriyaki Soy Sauce, Kimchi Ketchup Sauce, and Red Pepper BBQ Sauce, each with a distinctive Korean taste. This sauce will be an excellent choice for anyone interested in Korean culture. It’s a great opportunity to make the food your favorite celebrity likes, the dish you like in the drama.

Funtable’s sauce is available in Amazon North America. Funtable has expressed that on the upcoming Black Friday as well as Cyber Monday, all five sauces will be available at a discount. In addition to this, Funtable will be holding a discount event during the holiday season util the end of the year. Thanksgiving Day is not far off. How about spending quality time with your family with the help of Funtable?

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