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SMARTCHEM Announces Its SMAC Token Sale

Leipzig, Germany / SEAPRWire / October 05, 2021 / SMARTCHEM (Intelligent Fluids GmbH), a green chemistry blockchain project, has announced its SMAC Token Sale which starts on October 10th. Presently the company is majoring in three business areas, such as microelectronics, maintenance and oil & gas. Moreover, it would not hurt to mention that the SMAC Token Sale will fuel the company’s ambitions in development of safer, healthier and more sustainable world we live in. 

By offering a SMARTCHEM Token, SMAC, the Intelligent Fluids GmbH is planning to attract companies to support green chemistry products instead of continuing to use toxic and harmful liquid solvents. At the same time, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) such as the Climate Analytics and the Ocean Care will benefit from the SMAC Token Sale through automatic donation system. SMARTCHEM management team plans to use the funds, raised from the SMAC token’s private sale, to support the chemical industry with demonstration labs and production sites in target markets.

Other SMARTCHEM project is the DeepTech company Intelligent Fluids, focusing on development and marketing of unique multiphase fluids. It offers a sustainable, efficient and powerful solution for industrial cleaning by applying physical effects instead of using toxic chemicals to meet nowadays nature-friendly production standards, therefore developing a positive impact to our planet. Intelligent fluids have the potential to transform the chemical industry into the solvent-free era of industrial cleaning, meeting the United Nations goals and complying with the European Union regulations.

The Intelligent Fluids technology replaces the chemical reactions of solvents with physical interactions on molecular level to enable cleaning agents to break down and wash off all kinds of surface dirt with zero negative impact to health and the environment. Due to the primary characteristic of Intelligent Fluids, such as net-like, highly dynamic molecular structure, these agents can penetrate, fragment, and dislodge dirt from the surface without any ongoing chemical reactions. Unlike solvent-based cleaning agents, SMARTCHEM is providing ground-breaking solutions for a stable and sustainable world with the following features:

Dermatologically approved, pH neutralUp to 65-70% energy reductionBiodegradable, up to 70% less consumption, filtrable⅔ energy reduction, non-inflammable, no ATEX requiredReduced process cost by reducing and optimizing process stepsNo identification of hazardsNo high operating temperatures necessaryWater-based, thermodynamically stable100% regulatory compliant & future proof

To achieve it’s goals and also attain massive adoption, SMARTCHEM is onboarding several powerful investors as well as reputable customers such as Philips Research, INFINEON, Heidelberger Druck, RF360, subsidiaries of Würth Group and more. Currently, SMARTCHEM (Intelligent Fluids) has 50 existing clients, on average each of their target clients have a demand of 300 tons of production per year. The eco-friendly project has more than 500 fluid formulations and 26 approved patents of technologies that can be effectively used across a wide range of industrial cleaning applications. The patented technology of Intelligent Fluids supports 10 out of the 17 United Nations sustainable development goals such as healthy living, clean water and sanitation, sustainable land and underwater life, sustainable production and consumption patterns, clean and affordable energy, and climate action.

The Intelligent Fluid has already secured numerous awards and nominations such as the 2021 winner of the Green product award, TechShare 2020 nomination, 2019 winner of the Blockchain Stars, and so on.


The native token of SMARTCHEM, SMAC token, is based on the ERC-20 token standard. It is good to mention that there is the SMAC token airdrop going on – totally about 145,000 SMAC tokens will be sent to users. The first 1000 users will get 50 Free SMAC tokens, the next 1000 will get 40 Free SMAC tokens, the next 1000 users will get 30 Free SMAC tokens and last 1000 users will get 25 Free SMAC tokens.

Maximum supply for the SMAC utility tokens is 150M, price per token will be $0.2. 120M SMAC tokens will be listed on top crypto exchanges in October, November and December, 2021 and available for purchase. 30M SMAC tokens will be reserved for future sale in 2022.

Funds Distribution (TBD)

5% — Legal advisors and Reserve 

5% — CSR/ Marketing

10% — Employee loyalty program

80% — Crowdsale

Initial Token Allocation

5% — Investor relations

10% — Global demo-labs & Test centers

10% — R&D, Innovation, Patents

15% — Marketing community & Partnerships

25% — Key account sales

35% — Upscaling production sites

SMARTCHEM (Intelligent Fluids) plans to raise funds through token sale to scale the company and achieve a significant global market share. Participating in the token sale will give customers the opportunity to invest in the next generation of industrial cleaning, gain massive returns from a rapidly growing market while also contributing to a cleaner, healthier planet. They will also benefit from reduction of total cost of ownership and thus higher yields. SMARTCHEM investors will benefit from increasing coin value, and revenue.

In addition to the ongoing development, SMARTCHEM (Intelligent Fluids) has set ambitious goals for the next ten years. Currently focusing on Germany and Europe, they plan to expand production sites to reach key target markets in Asia, the USA and Middle East and Africa areas. What’s more, SMARTCHEM (Intelligent Fluids) intends to raise production from 500 tons per year to more than 13,500 tons per year in Europe. In a big leap to expand its footing in the microelectronics and maintenance space, SMARTCHEM plans to dive deeper into its next promising sector – Oil & Gas.


SMARTCHEM (Intelligent Fluid GmbH), a green chemistry blockchain project focused on developing powerful and smart cleaning fluids for industrial cleaning. The patented technology is based on smart and powerful physical cleaning with micro‐earthquake effects which offers high performance and also supports 10 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. With the SMARTCHEM-Token (SMAC), Intelligent Fluids will attract companies to change to Green Chemistry instead of using aggressive and harmful solvents.

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