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DEC777 Decentralized Exchange – The last resort for the people who lost trust in centralized exchange

Why we have to store our digital assets with the hesitation? We lost our trust in many scam exchanges such as Wex, BITPoint…Maybe this is the time we should look for an exchange that doesn’t need us to deposit to trade.

DEC77 is an outstanding decentralized exchange built on Ethereum’s ERC777 platform. Using 0x protocol all ERC-20 tokens can be traded. DEC777 offers the most complete trading experience of all ERC-20 tokens listed. Once on-site, users can view trading pairs and the status of various order books, and the interface gives users the ability to set up market/limit orders. Like centralized exchanges, the order book is also updated in real-time, which means that matching buyers with sellers is relatively efficient..

With DEC777 you can place your order directly without deposit your tokens to exchange, reduce high amount of risky from malicious. On the other hand, we also publish DEC tokens that will be used as the main token in the DEC777 exchange. Base on the tokens, holders will get profit from DEC777 exchange as shares that is calculated on how many tokens you hold. Further more, we going to build everything decentralize via IPFS and no central authority can control DEC777 exchange anymore. Is this sound exciting? Stand with us today and never regret!

Some information you need to know if you are an investor:

Angel Seed sale: Begin from August 26 2020 to September 07 2020

Public sale: Begin from September 07 2020 to September 22 2020

– Total supply 18,000,000 tokens

– Circulate 13,000,000

– locked 5,000,000

– DCF 6,777,000

– Team dev 4,333,000

– Angel invest 3,000,000

– Price 01 eth = 500 DEC

The tokens will be transfered immediately when you do an investment through contract.

Check out whitepaper here!

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Contact Detail:

Company Name: DEC777
Contact Person: Media Relations
Email: Send Email
Country: United States
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