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Bernet International Plans to Offer Budding Finance Students Virtual Internships

Tokyo, Japan – Students from around the world are being invited by Bernet international to apply for the opportunity to be part of a trial of virtual internships.

With the current global pandemic of Covid-19 suspending the majority of international travel, Bernet International have developed a pioneering opportunity to allow the company to continue to offer students opportunities to gain experience in the financial world.

The company have planned for the 14 day internship to help students both domestic and international gain necessary skills and experience required for a career in the fast paced financial industry. Bernet International join companies such as Google, Marks and Spencer, and Vodafone who are already offering a similar service in the United Kingdom.

An online survey conducted in March of 2020 concluded that almost 60 percent of students who are set to graduate, had job applications paused or withdrawn due to the pandemic, and the number of soon to be graduates who were confident in their ability to secure a career after graduation had dropped to below a third.

Bernet International have said that the virtual internship scheme has been created and implemented as a proactive response to the growing concerns by international educational institutions surrounding the potential fallout from the coronavirus crisis. While the virtual internships have been designed for those students looking to enter the financial industry, the company have said that any student over the age of 18 with studies in a related field are able to apply.

Speaking on behalf of Bernet International, a spokesperson said “While the world focuses on economic recovery, we as a company want to ensure that the generation that follows us has all of the necessary skills and support they need to maximize the opportunities they have available to them. Over the last 5 years, we have had the ability to offer a large number of student’s access, through our internships, to a wide range of financial experts, who each can teach the students how to get ahead in the financial world and build a brighter future for themselves. We will continue to do our best under these current circumstances to continue to offer this service.”

The experience gained by these students who get to work with a team of industry experts, will be invaluable as they pursue their own careers in the financial sector. Bernet International looks forward to working with the chosen students, and also looks forward to assisting the next generation on their path to success.

Bernet international has been offering their clients a large selection of financial advice and services since 2013. Working with individuals and companies, we aim to construct and execute efficient and effective strategies that are proven to generate the returns that you are looking for.

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